Subway Hours


Subway Hours

Subway Business Hours

Subway is a fast-food restaurant specializing in submarine sandwiches. The company currently operates more than 40,000 restaurants across the globe. In order to continue growing, Subway offers exceptional customer service. If you need to voice concerns, you can reach out to the customer service department [+] during business hours. Reach out by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

Subway Regular Business Hours

  • Weekdays: The customer service department is open 24 hours a day. If you are contacting your local restaurant, you will need to call during business hours. Although the hours of operation vary by location, the restaurants are typically open 7am to 10pm, local time.
  • Weekends: Although the customer service department is open 24 hours on the weekend, the retail stores are not. Typically, the retail stores are open Saturday and Sunday 6am to 10pm, local time.

Subway Holiday Hours

When you visit the website, you will notice the hours of operation for a typical business day. You will not notice the hours of operation for holidays. Although the company recognizes holidays, the restaurants close for one holiday, Christmas. The other holidays recognize include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
  • George Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • The Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day

Subway Special Event Hours

At time, the corporate headquarters hosts special events and promotions. You will need to contact the customer service department or your local restaurant for details relating to special events.

Contacting Subway to Verify Business Hours

  • Phone Number: When you need to connect with the customer service department, you will need to contact the corporate headquarters at 1-203-877-4281.
  • Email Contact: In the event you need to send an email to the customer service department, you will need to use the customer feedback form [+]. After send your message, you will receive a response within two (2) business days.
  • Mail: Customers can send your correspondence to the corporate headquarters here: Subway Corporate Headquarters 325 Bic Rd. Millford, CT 06460
  • Social Media: If the restaurants are closed for the day and you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to the customer service department through social media. Reach out on Facebook [+] or Twitter [+] and a live agent will reply to your concerns within 24 hours.


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